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Pay your invoices quickly and stay in control of your budget. Our plan management can help you manage your NDIS funding so that you can focus on the good stuff – living well and achieving your goals. Better yet, our plan management services are available Australia wide!

What is NDIS plan management?

Plan management is one of the ways your NDIS funding can be managed. It is different from choosing to self-manage your plan or having the NDIA manage your NDIS funding.

Plan management is when a provider like My Care Planner supports you to manage your NDIS funding and helps you build skills so that you can take control of your budget. Our team of experienced Accounts Coordinators will manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of your NDIS plan so that you can focus on achieving your goals.

ndis plan management

Our NDIS plan management services:

Working with a My Care Planner Accounts Coordinator gives you more choice and control of your NDIS plan without the hassle of paperwork, budgeting and claiming.

Providing support Australia-wide

We are a specialist, independent NDIS plan management provider based in Adelaide and operating Australia wide. No matter where you live in Australia, we can help you expect more from your NDIS plan.

Our NDIS plan management services are available throughout Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. We can also provide plan management support in regional areas across Australia.

Our plan management service involves:

Cost of NDIS plan management

There are no out of pocket costs for having plan management added to your NDIS plan. It’s paid for by the NDIA, which means it does not impact or reduce your funding for other supports in your plan. Instead, it is an additionally funded item.

If plan management is not included in your NDIS plan, you can request it at your next NDIS meeting. Everyone who asks for plan management can have the service included in their plan – free of charge.

Is NDIS plan management right for me?

Plan management is the perfect choice for your NDIS plan if…

Why choose My Care Planner?

Working with My Care Planner as your NDIS plan management provider means: