What are the benefits of NDIS plan management?

benefits of ndis plan management

Once NDIS funding has been approved, managing that funding can be overwhelming and complicated. There are 3 main options for NDIS plan management: self-management, management through the National Disability Insurance Agency and management with a professional plan management organisation, such as My Care Planner.


Self-management involves choosing providers yourself, paying invoices upfront and applying for reimbursement. While this offers the most autonomy, you may be subject to auditing and plan reviews. For many people, self-management is extremely time-consuming and difficult to navigate.

Management through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

Plan management is available through the NDIA, where your providers claim electronically from your budget. This is also known as the agency-managed option. An online portal offers access to previous claims so you can stay up to date. Although this may be a more affordable option, you are limited to registered NDIS providers, and provider fees are not negotiable.

Professional plan management

Plan management through a professional organisation such as My Care Planner means you have access to a financial intermediary that helps you manage your plan. You get the same flexibility as self-management, without the difficulties of administration. A plan manager receives and pays your invoices, claims from the NDIS portal, provides regular budget updates and takes care of all administrative procedures on your behalf. Plan managers are also able to make provider recommendations and help with goal setting and support coordination between providers.

Benefits of NDIS plan management

Choosing to have your NDIS plan managed simplifies the process, and offers smoother access to supports and therapies, without the paperwork or upfront fees. NDIS plan management through a professional organisation like My Care Planner can offer you the following benefits:

Flexibility and control

You have full choice of the providers and services you access so that you can get the supports that suit your needs best. If your NDIS plan manager offers an online portal like My Care Planner does, you can be provided with instant access to your details and funding, so you can always keep up to date.

No administrative burden

My Care Planner takes care of all invoicing and payments on your behalf, with prompt 7-day payment of invoices. Budgeting assistance can also be provided, in a way that respects your autonomy and improves financial literacy.

Expert advice

When you use a plan manager, you’re partnered with an NDIS expert to help you manage and maximise your funding. You’re given the information and support you need to navigate the system effectively.

No cost to you

When you choose a recognised NDIS plan manager, additional funding is provided to cover the cost of this process, without affecting your budget.

Get started with My Care Planner today

My Care Planner is a recognised NDIS plan manager and offers easy and effective access to your NDIS funding that works for you, without the paperwork.

Signing up can be completed online and only takes a few minutes.

Contact us on (08) 8331 0084 to find out how My Care Planner can take the hard work out of your NDIS plan.

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