What is NDIS support coordination?

The role of an NDIS plan manager is to take care of the administrative, correspondence and financial matters between you, your funding, and your providers. However, some people require additional support. This is where an NDIS support coordinator steps in.

What is NDIS support coordination?

NDIS support coordination is a specialised service, provided to help you understand and maximise the benefits you receive from your NDIS plan. Support includes:

  • Help you to implement your goals, needs and aspirations as outlined in your plan
  • Build your capacity for independent care management and maintain your autonomy
  • Provide links to community groups, support services, and recommended therapists
  • Connect with, negotiate and coordinate care plans with your providers
  • Conflict resolution and crisis management, including accommodation and respite support
  • My Care Planner offers support coordination in 3 different levels, depending on your needs

Support connection

The lowest level, designed to build your ability to connect with supports and services and manage independently and maintain autonomy and choice of provider.

Support coordination

A mid-level support system, helping you to understand and engage with your plan for maximum benefit. A support coordinator assists you in choosing supports to continue living independently.

Specialist support coordination

A high-level support system for people with complex needs. Your Support Coordinator helps you manage challenges and may recommend support services to achieve your goals.

Am I eligible for support coordination?

Not everyone is eligible. Advising your Local Area Coordinator of the reasons you are unable to independently manage your own support such as limited experience, poor personal support network, or personal limitations including your disability, may help you receive funding for support coordination.

Where is support coordination available?

At present, My Care Planner provides support coordination services across South Australia, including Eastern Adelaide, Northern Adelaide, Southern Adelaide, Western Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Light and Lower North, Fleurieu Peninsula, Murray and Mallee, Yorke and Mid North, Limestone Coast and Eyre, Western and Far North.

How do I choose a support coordinator?

With over 1500 registered support organisations, it can be difficult knowing who to choose. As a guideline, your support coordinator should:

  • Have a large network of providers to choose from
  • Work closely with you to help you achieve your goals
  • Help you to make the right choices for your needs
  • Offer you a dedicated support coordinator, for continuity of care and trust

Your support provider should not deliver direct disability supports or therapies themselves.

Get started with My Care Planner today

My Care Planner is a recognised provider of NDIS support coordination in Adelaide and all other areas of South Australia.

Signing up can be completed online and only takes a few minutes.

Contact us on (08) 8331 0084 to find out how My Care Planner can take the hard work out of your NDIS plan.

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