About Us

At My Care Planner, we want to help you solve a big problem: how can you expect more from your NDIS plan?

Understanding the NDIS can be difficult.

You may have just received your NDIS plan, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the support categories, budgets and industry lingo. Perhaps you have had your NDIS plan for a while, but you’re having a hard time finding suitable service providers. Or, maybe you just don’t know what you can spend your NDIS funding on, leaving you without the services and supports that could improve your quality of life.

At My Care Planner, our purpose is simple: we believe everyone living with a disability should expect more.

NDIS Support
About Us

We are here to help you expect more from the NDIS.

Both motivated and impelled to make a marked difference in the quality of NDIS plan management and support coordination services, Gabby McBriarty and Moti Naral decided to do something about it.

Having successfully worked in the aged care industry for many years, Gabby and Moti knew they had the right experience to bring the same quality and resourcefulness to clients who want to make the most of their NDIS plans. This led to the establishment of My Care Planner.

How we can support you.

At My Care Planner, we provide the most supportive NDIS plan management and support coordination services in the industry.

Our dedicated team:

We provide plan management services across the whole of Australia, while our support coordination services are provided in South Australia only.

Our values.

We are a values-led team. We live and breathe our three values every single day:

Be better

We want to be the best at what we do, for the sake of our clients, for the sake of the community and for ourselves.

Show courage

We believe everyone living with a disability should expect more. By being brave and daring we can focus on ability and contribution.

Seek connection

We look for real and enduring connection with our clients. The only way we can make things better is by working in true partnership.