Unlocking the potential of a combination managed NDIS plan

A person navigating their NDIS plan options with ease and confidence, reflecting the empowerment a combination managed plan offers.

Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can often feel like a maze. Yet, amidst the complexity, there lies a versatile option that stands out for its flexibility and tailored support: the combination managed NDIS plan. This unique approach merges the benefits of both self-managed and plan-managed frameworks, empowering participants with greater control over their services while still providing the necessary support to handle the administrative tasks.

What exactly is a combination managed NDIS plan?

A combination managed NDIS plan is a hybrid model that allows participants to mix and match the management styles of their NDIS funds. It blends the autonomy of self-management with the ease and expertise of having a plan manager. This means you can take charge of certain aspects of your plan while delegating the financial management, like processing invoices and managing budgets, to a professional plan manager.

Empowering participants through flexibility and support

The beauty of a combination managed plan lies in its ability to adapt to the varying needs and preferences of NDIS participants. Whether you wish to have direct involvement in some areas of your support while outsourcing the more cumbersome financial tasks, this approach ensures that your NDIS journey is both personalized and supported.

How does it work for NDIS participants?

Adopting a combination managed plan begins with understanding your unique needs and how you wish to allocate your NDIS funds. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Personalised Service Selection: You have the liberty to directly hire and work with certain providers for services that you feel strongly about managing yourself.
  2. Delegated Financial Management: For other aspects of your plan, particularly those involving complex paperwork or financial tracking, a plan manager takes over, ensuring that all payments are made timely and accurately.
  3. Enhanced Choice and Control: This approach provides the best of both worlds, offering you the freedom to be intimately involved in your care while relieving you of the administrative burdens.

Benefits of a combination managed plan

  • Flexibility: Tailor your plan management to suit your individual needs and preferences.
  • Reduced Administrative Stress: Let a professional handle the paperwork, invoicing, and budget management.
  • Greater Control: Choose your providers and services directly for certain supports while benefiting from professional assistance for others.
  • Improved Plan Utilization: With expert help, you’re less likely to underutilize your funds, ensuring you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

My Care Planner can help

A combination managed NDIS plan offers a compelling middle ground for participants who value both autonomy and support in managing their disability support needs. By leveraging this approach, you can enjoy the freedom to make personal choices about your care while benefiting from professional expertise in managing the financial aspects of your plan. This hybrid model exemplifies the NDIS’s commitment to offering personalized, participant-centered support, ensuring that every individual can navigate their disability journey with confidence and ease.

Our experienced NDIS plan managers are here to help you understand your NDIS budget and make the most of your NDIS funding. Call us on 1800 954 480, email us at info@mycareplanner.com.au or sign up online today!

A person navigating their NDIS plan options with ease and confidence, reflecting the empowerment a combination managed plan offers.

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