What is NDIS core support?

Wondering what NDIS core support is and what you can purchase with it? This comprehensive guide provides insights into the funding category, its purpose, and the range of items and services you can acquire.

At My Care Planner, we are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information to help you navigate the NDIS. In this article, we will delve into the core support budget, its significance, and how it plays a crucial role in improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.

What is NDIS core support?

Core support refers to one of the three support budgets available under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. It encompasses a range of essential daily activities and assistance required by individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives. These supports focus on building capacity, enhancing independence, and fostering community participation.

This budget is flexible, which means you can use your funding across any of the support items and services in the budget category!

What are the core support categories?

This budget has four categories, each designed to cater to specific areas of an individual’s life. Let’s explore these categories in detail:

Assistance with Daily Life

This category focuses on providing support with everyday personal activities. Some specific examples of things you might be able to use your Assistance with Daily Life funding for include:

  • Help with getting ready for your day
  • Overnight sleepover support
  • Support to help you get out and about in the community
  • Help to do household chores
  • Basic yard work
  • Meal preparation and delivery
  • Support with health and fitness

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

This category focuses on improving your ability to participate in community, social, and recreational activities. It is designed to help break down some of the barriers you may face to participating fully in society. Some specific examples of things you might be able to use your Assistance with Social and Community Participation funding for include:

  • Support to participate in social groups
  • Building skills and learning new hobbies
  • Recreational and sporting activities
  • Classes, camps, and vacation activities
  • A support worker to transport you to social activities

Keep in mind, the following are generally not covered by the NDIS:

  • Ticket prices or entry fees such as concert tickets
  • Ticket prices or entry fees for your support worker or a person accompanying you
  • The cost of meals, coffee, or other food items
  • Equipment costs such as buying sports gear except for the purchase of specialised equipment


This category funds the purchase of reasonable and necessary everyday items required to manage your disability-related needs. Most of these items are low-risk and available “off the shelf” from a store or online. It’s important to note that your Consumables budget can only be used to purchase items valued at up to $1,500. Some examples of things you might be able to purchase with your Consumables budget include:

  • Continence products (subject to meeting the age requirements)
  • Absorbent products and pads
  • Personal care and safety products
  • Modified eating aids
  • Specialised mattresses and pillows
  • Vision or hearing-related low cost assistive technology


This category assists you with accessing the community, attending appointments, and other activities, especially if you cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty due to your disability. Some reasonable and necessary transport supports include:

  • Cost of accessible taxis
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Travel to and from work or study
  • Transport-related aids and equipment

Transport funding is normally:

  • Set up as periodic payments into your nominated bank account by the NDIS, or
  • Plan managed so that the amount can be used flexibly across all core support categories

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